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Clutches That Are Perfect for Your Wedding Day

Clutches for Wedding

After you have finalised your wedding day looks with a shimmering bridal gown, matching jewellery, stylish footwear and even a shawl to wrap around if it is chilly outside, it is time to select a clutch. As bridal stylists will tell you, a clutch is as vital a part of bridal wear as an evening bag is for a glamorous party look.

Before selecting a clutch, consider whether you really want to carry a purse on your wedding day. You certainly will not need to carry cash as you would have paid for everything, neither would you need to bring a licence as you won’t be driving. However, if you feel that you will need a few items throughout the day, you should have a purse with you to be on the safe side and ensure that all of them are corralled and in one place.

Here are a few tips on selecting a clutch that will be perfect for your wedding day.

Match it with the bridal look and theme

Your clutch should complement your look and the bridal theme. Whether you have opted for the sporty and sophisticated look or a beach or country theme, your clutch should bear a resemblance to these elements. A classic vintage look wedding gown will take on an added sheen when matched with an art deco box clutch. Or if you have a beach wedding and wear a frock style gown, a simple purse without any elaborate trappings or metallic and beadwork will be suitable.

Match it with the primary colour

The colour of the clutch should either be of the same colour as your gown or the embellishments on your outfit. If your wedding dress is of a soft pastel shade and the metallic embellishments are silver in colour, it will not do to have golden metallic trimmings on your clutch. Again, if your gown has pearl beads sewn into it, a clutch with mother of pearl details will be ideal.

Another possibility is to match with some item not connected with your gown. You can have a matching shawl or a clutch that can match with the engagement ring that you will be having on your finger before the wedding ceremony. If you have been given one of the unique engagement rings by ADC (Australian Diamond Company) with a yellow or pink rock sized diamond, you can flash a clutch with the same coloured theme.

Carry clutch with optional sling chains

Buy a clutch with a sling chain. It will come in handy during the ceremony as you cannot possibly exchange vows with a clutch tucked under your arm. For those few moments, you can either ask your bridesmaid to carry the clutch for you or attach the chain and sling it on your shoulder. After the ceremony, unlock the chain or push in into the bag and carry it in your hand.

Keep it small

Big tote bags are for the beach, the clutch for your wedding should be small and compact, just about enough to carry a few essentials such as lipstick, phone, hairpins and breath mints.

Follow these few tips to buy a clutch that will be perfect for your wedding day.

Tips For Running A Successful Wholesale Handbag Business

Handbag store

Running a successful wholesale handbag business has its highs and lows. The competition is severe, considering that handbag sales are never stagnant and people want to get into the business to cash in on the many opportunities on offer. However, getting it right depends on a whole lot of factors. Get them correct and you will be on your way to exponential growth and development of your business.

Have a strong financial base – Being in the wholesale business, your financial requirements will be greater than the retail handbag segment. You have to have a wide range of stocks on offer and that too in bulk quantities. This is the best way to stay ahead of the competition. Retailers always look to stock up on as many varieties of items as possible and if you can provide this, you will stay in front of the pack. Further, for this to happen, you must have adequate financial stability to offer credit facilities to a host of retailers which at any point of time can work out to a tidy sum. Retailers expect credit from their wholesalers and you should be in a position to offer them the same.

Variety is the key – As a wholesaler, you have to cater to the desires of a wide cross section of people. This is why you have to stock as many varieties of handbags as possible. Most importantly, unlike retailers, you should not have a couple of versions of each. Remember, you have to supply many retailers so it is always prudent to have at least 10 of every type in your warehouse. This is more so for handbags that are the current fashion rage. If you cannot supply now what is in demand, it will be nothing short of lost business opportunities. For a wholesaler, this can be very damaging for business as well as loss in reputation. The more choices you offer retailers, the higher will be your standing as a wholesaler.

Quality above everything – Never compromise with the quality of handbags you choose to stock. Once you have built up a name for yourself as a stockist of good and durable handbags, chances are that you will never be short of business. Trust is very important in any business and the wholesale handbags sector is no different. Your retailers should have implicit faith in you to deliver excellent products only so that they in turn are not let down in front of their customers. Do not worry about the prices of handbags. Most end users will not mind paying a bit more for quality products.

Delivery system – Have a good delivery system in place. There is nothing more frustrating for a retailer to wait for stocks to be replenished. The lesser is the time between receipt of order and completion of delivery the more will be your market goodwill. For this, you can either have an established courier company on a long term contract or hire delivery people through a well known job recruitment agency in Melbourne or wherever your wholesale business is.

Keep these tips in mind and you should definitely have a successful wholesale handbags business on your hands.

The Rising Trends of Wooden Handbags

What handbag would you carry with you if you want to show the world that you are in tune with the latest fashion trends? While surprising to a casual fashion follower, it is wood handbags that are taking the fashion world by storm. There are almost limitless options for wood handbags, all meticulously designed and shaped by master craftsmen from around the world.

The advantage of these handbags is that wood can be turned to many forms. Tiny coloured wood beads or micron thin slivers can be made from a log of wood sourced from anywhere, including an everyday tree and stump removal agency, and made into many different types of end products. Hence, wood handbags can never be standardised or fitted into one tired mould. A simple browse through the catalogues of an online store and you’ll quickly understand the variety of offer.

A few of the trending wood handbags styles can be categorised as follows –

Beads – Beads can be had in many sizes and colours giving each wood handbag a very distinctive look. Very small coloured beads are often used to create patterns on a side of the bag. These are so closely knitted together that there is seemingly no gap between them and from a distance, you will not be able to see the contents inside. However, handbags made of larger beads will have significant gaps between them. For this reason, it is necessary to put linings inside usually made of a stiff cloth like brocade.

Shoulder straps made from wood beads are classy and have a charm of their own. These too are generally made of the same size and colour of beads as the body ensuring continuity and a seamless look. The beads on the strap are knitted together either with a strong nylon cord or elastic, making them extremely durable and tough. Use these bead bags without worrying about them getting decayed or tattered over time.

Wood slivers – There are two designs of bags here. The first type is where a whole pieces or slivers of wood are used as two sides of a handbag. These slices of wood can again be shaped into different form, sizes and colours for that unique look. Simple coloured patterns are often stamped on the sides making such handbag stand out in a crowd. Brass or metal or copper trinkets are also attached to the sides on the wood to give it an ethnic appearance.

Another option is slivers being pasted on the material of the bag which can be any stiff cloth, real leather or faux leather. The advantage here is that both the material of the bag and the wood piece can be mixed and matched into various forms and colours. The straps in these cases are made of the cloth or leather for strength and durability.

Wood chunk bags – These are far removed from the traditional type of handbags but definitely make an elite fashion statement. These are blocks of wood carved into chunky shapes and hollowed inside and looks almost like a container with a solid wood handle. They are great for shopping as well as carrying small personal items. But the main disadvantage here is that these cannot be hung by a strap on the shoulder and have to be carried along. This stops free movement of both hands and can be a drag at informal dos or parties.

Browse through the online shopping portals or brick and mortar large bag stores and you’ll surely be able to pick up a wood handbag that will make you the toast of the group you are in.

Best location to open a designer handbag store

If you are opening a designer handbag store, you do not want to be operating the same as any other run of the mill handbag stores indiscriminately selling bags. The word designer in your product should guide all your strategies and you should keep in mind the prestige that is associated with it. Customers who often pay a fortune to buy one will expect a special level of attention and will also want to be pampered in exclusive surroundings. Therefore, your foremost thought before opening a designer handbag store is to choose a location that caters to a specific niche of clients – ones from the upper strata of society.

Your first consideration should be to choose a location with adequate parking. In this industry, it would be highly unlikely you would get customers simply walking in on a whim and buying a designer handbag. Genuine buyers will plan a purchase in advance and will drive up to your store. Arrange for valet parking if your store is at a slight distance from the parking bay.

Have good frontage with large plate glass windows to display the products. While it is true that exclusive buyers will not stop at shop windows to size up a product before making a purchase, a wide frontage adds to the classic look of an establishment. If you have soft ambient lighting inside, your store will also gain an old-world-charm look from outside.  With a broad front, you’ll also have a lot of space for putting up signs and banners.

Security should be one of your primary concerns as you will be investing heavily in stocks and inventories. Opt for a store in an upscale locality so that the rear or staff entrances do not open onto sleazy alleys. Ensure that your store has adequate CCTV coverage from cameras installed outside. If the building is comparatively new, you will not have to worry about dampness which otherwise would affect your stocks.

A very important point that needs to be considered is the floor in which you would want your store to be located. Be limited to the ground floor or maximum the first floor. You definitely wouldn’t want your VIP clients trudging long distances from their car to the store.

Another point that calls for a debate is – whether a store for designer handbags should be in a residential or a commercial locality. While it is true that your clients might prefer to spend a leisurely afternoon making a purchase and hence would prefer a store close to their homes, there is a flip side to it too. Executives and working women would prefer to drive in after office hours to pick up a bag. Hence this decision rests solely on you and what you feel would maximise your sales. If your choice falls on a residential area, hire good residential property lawyers in Melbourne or wherever you are opening your store to look into legal aspects of renting property and ensuring other statutory compliances.

All these points are relevant if you choose to have a standalone establishment. If you opt for a store in a big shopping mall you will get a parking area and shops with good frontage and security, one that is ideal for your designer handbag store.