The Rising Trends of Wooden Handbags

What handbag would you carry with you if you want to show the world that you are in tune with the latest fashion trends? While surprising to a casual fashion follower, it is wood handbags that are taking the fashion world by storm. There are almost limitless options for wood handbags, all meticulously designed and shaped by master craftsmen from around the world.

The advantage of these handbags is that wood can be turned to many forms. Tiny coloured wood beads or micron thin slivers can be made from a log of wood sourced from anywhere, including an everyday tree and stump removal agency, and made into many different types of end products. Hence, wood handbags can never be standardised or fitted into one tired mould. A simple browse through the catalogues of an online store and you’ll quickly understand the variety of offer.

A few of the trending wood handbags styles can be categorised as follows –

Beads – Beads can be had in many sizes and colours giving each wood handbag a very distinctive look. Very small coloured beads are often used to create patterns on a side of the bag. These are so closely knitted together that there is seemingly no gap between them and from a distance, you will not be able to see the contents inside. However, handbags made of larger beads will have significant gaps between them. For this reason, it is necessary to put linings inside usually made of a stiff cloth like brocade.

Shoulder straps made from wood beads are classy and have a charm of their own. These too are generally made of the same size and colour of beads as the body ensuring continuity and a seamless look. The beads on the strap are knitted together either with a strong nylon cord or elastic, making them extremely durable and tough. Use these bead bags without worrying about them getting decayed or tattered over time.

Wood slivers – There are two designs of bags here. The first type is where a whole pieces or slivers of wood are used as two sides of a handbag. These slices of wood can again be shaped into different form, sizes and colours for that unique look. Simple coloured patterns are often stamped on the sides making such handbag stand out in a crowd. Brass or metal or copper trinkets are also attached to the sides on the wood to give it an ethnic appearance.

Another option is slivers being pasted on the material of the bag which can be any stiff cloth, real leather or faux leather. The advantage here is that both the material of the bag and the wood piece can be mixed and matched into various forms and colours. The straps in these cases are made of the cloth or leather for strength and durability.

Wood chunk bags – These are far removed from the traditional type of handbags but definitely make an elite fashion statement. These are blocks of wood carved into chunky shapes and hollowed inside and looks almost like a container with a solid wood handle. They are great for shopping as well as carrying small personal items. But the main disadvantage here is that these cannot be hung by a strap on the shoulder and have to be carried along. This stops free movement of both hands and can be a drag at informal dos or parties.

Browse through the online shopping portals or brick and mortar large bag stores and you’ll surely be able to pick up a wood handbag that will make you the toast of the group you are in.