Best location to open a designer handbag store

If you are opening a designer handbag store, you do not want to be operating the same as any other run of the mill handbag stores indiscriminately selling bags. The word designer in your product should guide all your strategies and you should keep in mind the prestige that is associated with it. Customers who often pay a fortune to buy one will expect a special level of attention and will also want to be pampered in exclusive surroundings. Therefore, your foremost thought before opening a designer handbag store is to choose a location that caters to a specific niche of clients – ones from the upper strata of society.

Your first consideration should be to choose a location with adequate parking. In this industry, it would be highly unlikely you would get customers simply walking in on a whim and buying a designer handbag. Genuine buyers will plan a purchase in advance and will drive up to your store. Arrange for valet parking if your store is at a slight distance from the parking bay.

Have good frontage with large plate glass windows to display the products. While it is true that exclusive buyers will not stop at shop windows to size up a product before making a purchase, a wide frontage adds to the classic look of an establishment. If you have soft ambient lighting inside, your store will also gain an old-world-charm look from outside.  With a broad front, you’ll also have a lot of space for putting up signs and banners.

Security should be one of your primary concerns as you will be investing heavily in stocks and inventories. Opt for a store in an upscale locality so that the rear or staff entrances do not open onto sleazy alleys. Ensure that your store has adequate CCTV coverage from cameras installed outside. If the building is comparatively new, you will not have to worry about dampness which otherwise would affect your stocks.

A very important point that needs to be considered is the floor in which you would want your store to be located. Be limited to the ground floor or maximum the first floor. You definitely wouldn’t want your VIP clients trudging long distances from their car to the store.

Another point that calls for a debate is – whether a store for designer handbags should be in a residential or a commercial locality. While it is true that your clients might prefer to spend a leisurely afternoon making a purchase and hence would prefer a store close to their homes, there is a flip side to it too. Executives and working women would prefer to drive in after office hours to pick up a bag. Hence this decision rests solely on you and what you feel would maximise your sales. If your choice falls on a residential area, hire good residential property lawyers in Melbourne or wherever you are opening your store to look into legal aspects of renting property and ensuring other statutory compliances.

All these points are relevant if you choose to have a standalone establishment. If you opt for a store in a big shopping mall you will get a parking area and shops with good frontage and security, one that is ideal for your designer handbag store.

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